A safer tomorrow
is coming

To learn more about its variations and feel more prepared we trained a prediction-based neural network.
The AI-based service can answer questions about the future through scenarios.
Be curious
to get excited
and inspired about it
Be conscious
to get
valid answers
And keep using
Kaspersky products
to always be secured
Meet the future
you are watching live stream from
the point where Earth meets tomorrow
40°53'40.0"S 176°13'06.9"E

Ask your own
question about the future.

A place
to meet

To mark the first point to meet the future, we placed our billboard on one of the east-most spots on the globe: Castlepoint Station, New Zealand.

It’s not just a great place to be, it’s a point to eye-witness tomorrow becoming today, inevitable, visible, and peaceful.

It’s not just a beautiful view, it’s an exciting and powerful vision of the future. Distilled into our billboard with future predictions that are made and uploaded by neural network.

In due time, we dismantled the construction in the most environment-friendly way. To let everyone enjoy the stunning view of upcoming tomorrow in all its native beauty.
What is 
Building a brighter tomorrow is our primary mission. We are doing our best now to open up all the opportunities that technology brings to the future. By protecting it.

Knowing more about the future is not just every human’s desire. Knowing is being prepared, secured, confident.

We gathered and processed as much humanity’s knowledge about the future as possible. To enable today’s technology to share it and answer questions about our technologized tomorrow — we created Safer Tomorrow platform.

How does
it work

We trained a neural network based on a question-response system combining semantic search and response generation to answer various questions about the future.

Its dataset contains multiple question-response pairs sourcing from about 1000 SciFi books and magazines, selected media and blogs, as well as Earth 2050 — Kaspersky’s award-winning interactive project that provides a futuristic image of what the world will look like in 30 years’ time.

Technology-wise, it’s a deep neural network hybridizing GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and DistilBERT (Distilled Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) architectures. To be post-trained to process questions and generate more future predictions.

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